A Carbon Negative Future

Copper Bear Wines is committed to working with only sustainably farmed vineyards and is a carbon negative winery.  This means that we remove more carbon dioxide from the environment than we release via our grapegrowing and winemaking. In other words, each bottle you purchase is a step towards reversing climate change. In an era of drought, extreme heat, and mega wildfires, Copper Bear is leading a renewed focus on sustainability in Napa Valley. 

How do we accomplish this?



Carbon Capture

Copper Bear partners with several companies that work to reduce carbon emissions. These include Climeworks, who literally pulls CO2 out of the air via their direct capture plants, and the Well Done Foundation, that caps off abandoned oil and gas wells in the US. Learn more at:


Certified Sustainable Vineyards

Copper Bear works only with certified sustainable vineyards. Minimal tilling, the use of cover crops, and building soil health are tools to limit our carbon footprint.



Climate Conscious Packaging

No styrofoam packaging, no ridiculously heavy glass bottles.